Re-issue of “Altashkeel” magazine

Gulf newspaper/Sharjah

Emirates Fine Arts Society organized a ceremony to re-issue   “Al Tashkeel”، which is  a cultural magazine concerned about Art & Culture,  in the presence of a large crowd of distinguished artists and personalities.

The ceremony began with a speech by the Association’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Salem Al-Junaibi, in which he explained that the magazine has returned to publication, after a hiatus for years, with a new look, and that the association will ensure the continuity of its publication due to its importance and its heritage and the artistic scene’s need for this type of cultural publications.Regarding to the magazine’s content, the editor-in-chief, Dr. Noha Farran, said: “The quarterly magazine, with its new look, presents you with the best writers and researchers from different countries of the world, who shared with us their views and ideas, to provide what is appropriate for a variety of topics, to keep us in constant contact with all the developments of the local and international artistic movement. From exhibitions, events and art festivals, and the latest discussions around it in contemporary cultural circles, in addition to covering the most important events and exhibitions, and keeping abreast of the most important topics and developments in the artistic scene.” 

Source: Gulf Newspaper

“Al Tashkeel” Magazine

he first issue of “Al Tashkeel” Magazine was published back in 1984, four years after the formation of the Emirates Fine Arts Society. The fine arts movement was witnessing growth and gaining traction on all other artistic levels.