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Ali Al Abdan

A researcher for knowledge, visual artist, critic, poet, musician, and director of Artistic Heritage Department at the Sharjah Institute for Heritage. He published a book about the Art Movement in UAE, entitled «The New Century...Trends of Fine Art in the Emirates after the year 2000». In addition to many other publications, researches and books that focus on Art & Arabic music, including the encyclopedia «Letter and Play», through which Al-Abdan presents the history of folklore in UAE in an accurate and documented manner, mentioning its early pioneers, singers, and poets, and sheds light on important aspects of the literary, artistic & cultural heritage. He also published a collection of poetry entitled «Shadow in Eclipse», 2016...and many more…

“Al Tashkeel” Magazine

he first issue of “Al Tashkeel” Magazine was published back in 1984, four years after the formation of the Emirates Fine Arts Society. The fine arts movement was witnessing growth and gaining traction on all other artistic levels.