Artist-“Louis-Carreon”-at-his-studio,-with-permission-from-the-artist. Image

Foundry is hosting an exhibition for the American Artist Louis Carreon, in showroom #8, under the supervision of Dr. Ori Z. Soltes; Curator & Art Historian, Georgetown University

His artworks highlight the Byzantine narratives, and update spiritual and religious iconography for the modern world. Creating halos, sacred geometry, and mixing iconography with modern-day street language and corporate culture relics from his own inceptions and his conversations with the Byzantine and Renaissance Masters. The exhibition features narrative paintings inspired by personal experiences and varied human issues. His artworks are unique in the way they mix together elements of the modern culture along with old traditions and classical concepts. He derives his inspiration by corresponding to modern-day street language, current ideas and events, and inspiration from Byzantine and Renaissance culture.

Louis-Carreon--“The-Lost-Child”,-oil,-charcoal,-and-acrylic-on-canvas,-226x-167.64-cm,-2021 Image

Louis Carreon, a California-born, is best known for his unique style, in which he mixes the spontaneity of children’s art and the academic skillful painting. In addition to his wide experience in direct painting on walls (graffiti). Louis cherishes art and uses it to express the difficult conditions he had to go through. His artworks mix contemporary concepts with classical ones, which greatly contributed to establishing his artworks on a global level over the past years, as they were exhibited in many countries including Mexico City, Madrid, and New York.

Louis-Carreon--“Dancing-with-Lovers”,-oil,-charcoal,-and-acrylic-on-canvas,-2017,-with-permission-from-the-artist Image
Louis-Carreon--“How-much-does-Your-Heart-weighs--”,-oil,-charcoal,-and-acrylic-on-canvas,-109.85x119.38-cm,-2022 Image
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