The Strategic Pillars of EFAS’s Vision

Today we stand on a land rich in creative industry in various cultural fields, and we have a history full of achievements, an ancient heritage, human resources whose creativity’s limit is the sky, creative artists of different generations, and a rising generation that heralds a rich future.

The Emirates Fine Arts Society (EFAS) is concerned with the cultural scene in our country, the Emirates, contributing to the promotion of the national identity, and encouraging cultural dialogue with the world. EFAS has launched its vision and orientations since its pronouncement by a ministerial decree on September 15th, 1980, with the aim of providing support, care, and protection of artists’ rights, representing the State internally and externally, and organizing exhibitions, activities, and events, including workshops, symposiums, lectures, and training courses on the arts of painting, sculpture, Arabic calligraphy, artistic techniques, etc. EFAS also encourages artists to meet and helps them to hold exhibitions, in addition to issuing books, catalogues, and magazines specialized in visual arts.

The following objectives were set out in EFAS’s declaration:

  • Sponsoring the artistic movement in the Emirates and working on its prosperity, directing fine arts toward serving the community, and promoting artistic awareness.
  • Preserving the rights of fine artists and encouraging emerging Emirati artists.
  • Representing UAE fully in the artistic domain via holding art exhibitions at home and abroad, conducting artistic conferences, and strengthening the bonds between the Society’s members and the creative community.

We are working jointly to enhance the cultural sector through a framework and an integrated system to develop talents, facilitate initiatives, collaborate with institutions, and organize exhibitions to highlight the artistic oeuvre. EFAS is keen to provide the necessary strategy to enhance the status of UAE’s distinctive cultural identity, nurture cultural legacy, and preserve cultural heritage and traditions.

Chairman of Efas

Salem Al Juneibi is an Emirati visual artist, writer and curator based in Sharjah. He served as the President of the Emirates Fine Art Society for five years, from May 2018 to May 2023. Throughout his career, he has been actively involved in overseeing various exhibitions, art events, and art publications. Additionally, he has served on numerous jury committees.

“Al Tashkeel” Magazine

he first issue of “Al Tashkeel” Magazine was published back in 1984, four years after the formation of the Emirates Fine Arts Society. The fine arts movement was witnessing growth and gaining traction on all other artistic levels.