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Since its establishment, the Emirates Fine Arts Society has been keen to support and sponsor inventions in the context of visual arts. In order to achieve the goals that the Society has committed to, which is in the interest of developing the fine arts movement in the UAE in particular, and keeping pace with the movement of Arab and international fine arts in general. Over the years, the Society has worked on achieving these goals with all available capabilities, and with various types of activity, including public and private exhibitions, educational publications, critical articles, lectures and seminars, and so on.

In this issue of “Al Tashkeel” magazine, we shed light on the most outstanding exhibitions and events organized by the Society, from the beginning of 2022 until now:

“Arabic Calligraphy and Porcelain” Exhibition

As part of the activities of the twenty-fourth edition of the Islamic Arts Festival “Gradate”, the Emirates Fine Arts Society organized the exhibition “Arabic Calligraphy and Porcelain” at the association’s headquarters.

The exhibition was opened by His Excellence, Abdullah Al Owais, Chairman of the Department of Culture in Sharjah, in the presence of Mohammed Ibrahim Al Qaseer, Director of Cultural Affairs in the Department, Saadah Salem Al Junaibi, Chairman of the Society’s Board of Directors, and a large number of artists and media professionals. The exhibition included various artworks by 15 male and female calligraphers from the UAE and other countries. The association also organized 4 artistic workshops within the “Islamic arts” activities over the course of its days, which lasted until January 10, 2022.

Pavilion of the Emirates Fine Arts Society at Expo 2020, Dubai

The Emirates Society for Fine Arts presented a variety of different artworks, intending to highlight the development of the artistic movement in the UAE. It is worth noting that the artworks were different every month, which contributed to the opportunity of displaying the largest possible number of artworks that are diverse and different in terms of style, techniques, and concept. It also introduced many pioneering artists, residents, and artists of the younger generation, to name some; Dr. Najat Makki, Abdel Rahim Salem, Dr. Muhammad Youssef, Hussein Sharif, Ali Al-Abdan, Kholoud Al-Jabri, and others.

Expo1 Image
Hussein-Sharif--“Old-House”,-collage-with-ink,-40x30cm,-2021 Image
Abdel-Rahim-Salem--“Untitled”,-acrylic-on-canvas,-50-x-50-cm,-2021 Image
Dr.-Muhammad-Youssef--“The-Continuity-of-Searching-for-Motion”,-palm-branch-“Karb”-and-palm-leaf-“Kanbar-ropes”,-50-x-20-cm Image
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“Fifty Years of Union” Exhibition

Under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence, the Emirates Fine Arts Society held the exhibition “Fifty Years of Union” at the Emirates Pavilion Expo 2020. The exhibition was opened by His Excellency, Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, in the presence of a large number of artists, media and Expo visitors. Salem Al Junaibi, President of the Emirates Society for Fine Arts, said about the exhibition:

The joint artwork, “Fifty Years of Union”, comes as a celebration of the 50th anniversary of uniting the emirates. After His Highness, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, announced that the year 2021 is the “fiftieth year” for the establishment of the union, which constitutes a “historic and remarkable moment”. The Emirates Fine Arts Society held several workshops as part of activities and celebrations that lasted for a whole week, at each of the Society’s headquarters in the Sharjah Art Foundation, under the supervision of the administrative body, and at the Cultural and Arts Centre in the capital, Abu Dhabi, under the supervision of Kholoud Al-Jabri. The project is for everyone who considers the UAE his homeland, which contributed to the diversity and richness of joint artwork and the multiplicity of styles and trends through the participation of fifty artists and the presentation of fifty artworks. The artworks unite with each other to form one artwork, which reflects the spirit of the union, the culture of the UAE, and the values of tolerance

50-Years2 Image

and coexistence. This work comes as an invitation to the compilation of the values and achievements of the past, out of pride in our founding fathers. We appreciate the efforts of the participants of different nationalities, which contributed to the building, construction, and creativity of this artwork. We extend our thanks to all the artists, who were able to present us with their own vision of the country’s heritage and culture from different angles, and we appreciate their support to achieve this substantial artistic achievement, which embodies “ The spirit of fifty “, the great will of our founding fathers to build our country, and the efforts made by the people of the country until the United Arab Emirates became one of the most developed and developed countries in the world.”

50-Years3 Image
H.H-Dr.-Sultan-bin-Mohammad-Al-Qasimi-during-the-opening-of-the-exhibitions-of-the-Emirates-Fine-Arts-Society Image
H.H-Dr.-Sultan-bin-Mohammad-Al-Qasimi-during-the-opening-of-the-exhibitions-of-the-Emirates-Fine-Arts-Society1 Image
H.H-Dr.-Sultan-bin-Mohammad-Al-Qasimi-during-the-opening-of-the-exhibitions-of-the-Emirates-Fine-Arts-Society2 Image
H.H-Dr.-Sultan-bin-Mohammad-Al-Qasimi-during-the-opening-of-the-exhibitions-of-the-Emirates-Fine-Arts-Society3 Image
H.H-Dr.-Sultan-bin-Mohammad-Al-Qasimi-during-the-opening-of-the-exhibitions-of-the-Emirates-Fine-Arts-Society4 Image

“Love for Sultan” Exhibition

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi named as the Ruler of Sharjah, Emirates Fine Arts Society has organized an art exhibition under the name “Love for Sultan”, with the presence of Dr. Rafia Ghubash; Artist Khulood Al Jabri, Deputy Manager of the Society, Dr. Majat Makki, Artist Mohammad AlQassab, Board members, and a large numbers of artists, journalists, and art aesthetes. The exhibition had participations by artists from the Society members and from all over the world. The artworks focused on showcasing the highlights of the cultural and urban rise achieved thanks to the ruler of Sharjah; personal portraits; and features of the cultural and traditional heritage of UAE.

Mohammad Saleh: “Union is Strength”, oil on canvas, 300x164cm. Image
Mohammad Saleh: “Union is Strength”, oil on canvas, 300x164cm.

It also featured an interaction between artists and audience through a live painting created by the artist Mohamed Al Astad during the exhibition opening, and was signed by the audience with words of appreciation in “Love for Sultan”. Through the painting, Al Astad introduced a local waiving of the cultural components that deeply impact local heritage. In addition, Salem Al-Junaibi, Chairman of the Board, mentioned: “over the period of 50 years, Sharjah has become the lighthouse for science, culture, and art, thanks to its generous and wise leader, who gave his thoughts and wisdom to serve his citizens and to raise his nation. We celebrate today 50 glamorous years of qualitative achievements thanks to His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, ruler of the Emirate of Sharjah and a member of the Federal Supreme Council, who supplied the needed moral and logistic support to found the artistic movement in UAE, with his contact and continuing support of Emirates Fine Arts Society, and all artists and art and artistic instition in Sharjah. Together we celebrate a glorious history and a bright future filled with pride, culture, creativity, art, and passion for knowledge.”

“Women: Source of Colour and Light” Exhibition:
Emirates Fine Arts Society Celebrates Women in Their International Day

Women's day1 Image

Emirates Fine Arts Society, in collaboration with “K-Gallery”, has organized an art exhibit to celebrate Women’s International Day, in Dubai Design Strict.

The exhibit is under the supervision of the curator and pioneering artist, Abdul Raheem Salem, and he gave it the name “Women: Source of Colour and Light”. Shaza Al Mulla, Arts Department Manager in the Ministry of Culture, opened the exhibition, with the presence of Dr. Lamis Al Qaisi, Director of “Khawala for Art & Culture”; Salem Al-Junaibi, Chairman of the Board; The Board members; and many artists from different countries, in addition to journalists and Art aesthetes.

Womens-day2 Image

Dr.-Najat-Makki--“Untitled”,-50x53-cm,-Acrylic-on-canvas,-2018. Image
Mohannad-Arlab--“Untitled-1”,-mixed-materials-on-canvas,-122x152cm,-2022 Image
Louay-Salah-Alden--“Whisper”,-acrylic-on-canvas,-140x-150-cm,-2022 Image
KHULOOD-AL-JABRI--“Taimina-Celebration”,-mixed-materials-on-canvas,-100x152-cm,-2022 Image
Salma-Al-Marri--“Telepathy-1”,-Acrylic-on-canvas,-120x120-cm,-2019 Image
Muatasim-AlKubaisy--“Fedda”,-25x25x15-cm,-bronze. Image
Dr.-Karima-Al-Shomely--“Untitled-1”,-ceramics,-20x45x30-cm,-2021 Image

Ibrahim-Al-Hameed--“Waiting”,-acrylic-on-canvas,-100x-100-cm,-2020 Image
Rashed-Al-Mulla--“Superstitious”,-acrylic-on-canvas,-130x-130-cm,-2021 Image
Huda-Saif--“Homeland-Map-1”,-90x120-cm,-acrylic-on-canvas,-2022. Image
Abdul-Rahim-Salem--“Her-&-I”,-acrylic-on-canvas,-122x-90-cm,-2016 Image
Dr.-Noha-Farran--“Be”,-120x120-cm,-mixed-media-&-neon-lights,-2022. Image
Abdul-Qader-Al-Mubarak--“Spaces-for-the-Sole-and-Woman”,-Acrylic-on-canvas,-80x100-cm,-2022 Image
Ali-Al-Abdan--“Near-Najat”,-Acrylic-on-canvas,-88x115-cm,-2019 Image
Mona-Al-Khaja--“Bride”,-Acrylic-on-canvas,-60x76-cm,-2018 Image
Mohammad-Al-Louz--“Motherhood”,-marble,-10x28x85cm,-2022 Image
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