Artist-“Mohammad-Al-Qassab”,-at-his-solo-exhibition,-at--“Foundry” Image

“Foundry” is a new innovative destination in downtown Dubai, founded by Emaar, with the purpose of creating an inspiring space for multi-specialties activities. “Foundry” was founded as a response to the evolving artistic and cultural scenes in the UAE and the world; to provide the opportunity to showcase creative talents; and to organize and host discussions and art galleries featuring local, regional, and international artists through a comprehensive program of events, workshops, and entertainment activities, and talk forums. “Foundry” also has many art showrooms, a co-working environment, a library, and a café.

Under the supervision and management of Cofounder, Italian cultural consultant, Giuseppe Moscatelo, “Foundry” has organized a series of diverse art galleries in their showrooms, during the art season lasting from March 2nd to April 30th, 2022. Among those, is an art Exhibition by Mohammad Al Qassab named “Sections”, under the collaboration with Nasser Abdullah, Art curator. The exhibit took place in Gallery #3, where the artist performed many experiences related to the movement and dynamicity of lines, to explore their intersections, colors, sizes, and orientations in different times and places, where he relied on the artistic skills he acquired over a period of 4 decades. His artwork shows his transition from a point to a line, then to shape and form.

Mohammad-Al-Qassab--“Untitled”,-150x150-cm,-Acrylic-on-canvas,-2022,-with-permission-from-the-artist. Image
Mohammad Al Qassab- “Untitled”, 150x150 cm, Acrylic Paint on Canvas, 2022. Courtesy to the artist. Image
Mohammad Al Qassab- “Untitled”, 150×150 cm, Acrylic Paint on Canvas, 2022. Courtesy to the artist.
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